Jun 15, 2009

What is a Payment processor?

What is a Payment processor?
Payment processors store your money in the form of e currency. E-currency is the online value of your money in the form of dollar or euro etc.

These payment processors provide a platform to store and spend your money. The balance can be spent on various programs like HYIP or Forex or PTC and many more. Or the balance can be used to get a lot of products online and pay through the digital currency rather than credit cards and demand drafts. And for providing such service they charge you some fee on every transaction that is made. The fee is mostly on the money you receive and not on the money you send. This is how digital currencies work.

Various merchants (online sites which have a business like HYIP or Forex etc are called so) encourage their members to use these processors as they can pay you for your activity into these processors only.
A few payment processors ask for verification using your Credit card or your Id details these are online payment processors which are more like online banks. But a few processors which are better called digital currencies don’t need any verification. Both of them have difference in their working, which will be discussed later.

There are various methods to transfer your balance to your banks. A few online payment processors have direct transfer to your bank account, with a little fee depending on how much you want to transfer. A few more payment processors, digital currencies, don’t have the option of direct wire transfer to your bank instead you can exchange your balance with a lot of exchangers that are available in the site and the exchanger will have his own fee and they will directly deposit it into your account.

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