Jun 15, 2009

What is a paid to click program ?

What is a paid to click program ?
Paid to click, famously known as PTC is regarded as one of the easiest programs available to start your run in online earning. This is the basic program for all those people who want to earn from home.

To brief it simply on how the program runs, you are given a set of ads everyday and you are paid to view those ads. Sounds simple isn’t it? It works the same way too.

In order to get registered in a PTC one is required to fill in some standard details like Username desired, password, E- Mail address and payment options etc. From the moment you finish registration you are ready to earn your money.
When you log into your account you can see various options namely “Home”, “View ads”, “Stats”, “FAQ” etc. I will explain only a few options which are important for everyone to know what importance they hold in your account.

Profile – This page contains all the details that you have submitted in the site for registration. Any further clarification or transaction will be done regarded to these details only.

View Ads – This is a very important part of the site because this is where your ads will be displayed. Generally they are in the form of text ads and will be arranged in a row.
You just need to click on one ad at a time and wait for the ad to load completely. Once the ad completely loads a timer will be running in the same window indicating that you should be on that page only for that amount of time for you to get paid. Once a green tick mark is visible or any indication telling you that you have been paid for the ad you can close the ad and move onto the next one. But if there is a red “x” mark, that means either you have loaded the ad already once or there may be an error.

Stats – This is another part of the site which you will be referring to a lot of times. This is where all the statistics will be given on how many ads you have clicked in a period of time; it also shows how many referrals you have under you. It also has other options like “History”, “Cashout” etc.
Once you accumulate a certain amount in your account you can Cashout/ request your payment by using the Cashout option. Most commonly accepted processors are Alertpay and Liberty Reserve.
In order to check whether your payment has been processed or not you can check its status in the History column.
In stats section along with these you will get a link, which is called “Referral link”, which is used to let members join under you. Members who click on your referral link and register on the site are counted as your referrals and will be displayed in the stats section.
You can even earn from the ads your referrals view. The commission that you get from your referral clicks varies from site to site.

There are two kinds of memberships available in these sites: Standard and Premium.
All the members who join for free and start earning are regarded as Standard members.
Members who invest some amount (determined by the site) are labeled as Premium members. Premium members are paid more than the standard members and also their payments are processed faster.
There are tens and hundreds of PTC programs popping up every day. Most of them end up scamming its members without paying them even a cent. Be careful and be wise in choosing the program you want to invest your time in.

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