Jun 15, 2009

Basic SEO techniques

Lot of people struggle with search engine optimization. Most don't even realize where to start. Here is a list of Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques to get you started, hopefully they will help you.

* Shorten the title to 55 characters or less.
* Put important keywords at the beginning of the title.
* Make different titles for each pages.
* Use H1 tag for page headings.
* Put links to your pages with Keywords as anchor text, where possible.
* Use title attribute for anchor links.
* Use Alt attribute on img tags.
* Add the robots tag on page.
* Place the robots.txt file in your root on your server. Submit it to search engine Webmaster Tools.
* Add a Sitemap of your site. Submit it to search engine Webmaster Tools.
* Get rid of the js in the code and put it in an external file.
* Use css instead of color, size and font tags.
* Change the link buttons or js links in to text links.
* Make sure to have a site map page.
* Make sure you have 404 "Page Not Found" page.
* Make menus as text links.
* Make sure your page code is not bigger than 100 KB.
* Submit your site to ODP and Yahoo Dir, make sure to select the right cat.
* Pay special attention to your content.
* Try to get as much as possible from sites relevant to yours.
* Read each search engines guide lines and follow them strictly.
* Don't spam.
* Don't use doorway pages.
* Don't cloak.
* Don't use invisible links.
* Name file with keywords. e.g. Search-Engine-Optimization.html etc.
* And hope search engines will appreciate your hard work.

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