Feb 13, 2009

Join the AdSense Program

Join the AdSense Program

Understanding Google policies

We discussed earlier how rewarding the Google AdSense program can be.
However, joining the Google AdSense program is not that easy or everyone in
the world would do it (which would defeat its purpose, ultimately). You have to be
approved by Google in order to create your AdSense account and start earning
money from it.

How do you get approved? Google famously has never publicly published details
of its approval process, there are tips you should follow to ensure a high
possibility of getting approved.

The good news is that Google does publish its policies and you do not need to be
a member to read them. You should read them and be certain that you are in
100% compliance with them, not only when attempting to start your AdSense
account, but once you are already a member. They update these policies
regularly and a violation will get you suspended. A list of Google AdSense
policies can be seen at: http://www.google.com/adsense/policies

Content – The Key to AdSense!

As stated earlier, we cannot say exactly how Google decides to accept or reject a
site. However, one thing is for sure – the main criterion for approval is always the
content of the website!

Most sites get rejected simply because they do not have any – or enough – good
content. What constitutes “good” content? We can say what it is not. The types of
websites that only have links and “filler” content aimed at attracting Search
Engines, and sites that do not offer any informational content but solely focus on
their own products and services. Google is one of the smartest companies on the
Internet, and they can easily tell “junk” content from “real” content, even if many
web surfers themselves can’t.
Google approves websites that have significant real content. These could be in
the form of informational articles, analyses of various topics, and much more. For
business websites that solely focus on selling their products and services through
their website, including informational articles about their industry is smart, and
this data is usually pretty easily available.

Another reason why most business websites do not qualify for the program, is
that most businesses are specialized, and these websites are most likely to get
Ads from their competitors, as only those ads would be relevant. As discussed,
competitor ads would be blocked by you, filtered by Google, or both, so an
AdSense program that serves no ads makes no sense!

Similarly, websites that focus only on links for generating search engine traffic do
not have any content at all, according to both common sense and Google. These
sites may rack up fairly high traffic scores and so forth, but they do not qualify for

One of the best and simplest strategies is to include at least 30 to 40
informational articles of 400 to 450 words each and update them from time to
time. Writing these articles yourself may be a daunting task. However, the good
news is that there are considerable websites that offer articles for free, and plenty
of professional writing resources who can not only write high quality material for
you, but can especially optimize that material to work well with search engines
and the “qualification” processes for systems like AdSense.

We’ve developed a 5-Step plan for success.

Source:AdSense Revenue Exposed Michael Rasmussen and Jason

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